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Our journey in the Polish industrial solutions sector started in 2005, initially partnering with the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi. As the sole distributor for Continuous Ink Jet technology industrial printers and an authorized service provider for these printers, we have established ourselves as a frontrunner in the Polish manufacturing scene. Over the years, we have broadened our range to include high-resolution HRP printers from Tiflex, and industrial robots from Fanuc, enriching our product lineup significantly. Our expertise lies in delivering prime solutions for industry needs in pick & place, palletizing, depalletizing, and mixing operations. We not only provide marking and packaging machinery but also offer comprehensive services including equipment maintenance, visual inspection systems, and tools for monitoring production processes.
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Needs assessment, visit, and evaluation of the scope

Conducting a needs assessment is crucial for identifying the expectations and standards that a customer uses to select a business partner. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution, so we always begin with this assessment before making our proposal. This step allows us to clarify the process specifics, understand the unique job requirements, collect essential technical data, and evaluate performance capabilities. We focus intently on identifying areas for improvement, aiming to significantly enhance satisfaction by guaranteeing top-notch quality in our products and services. We believe in the power of in-person interactions. That's why we make visits to customer sites, primarily to get acquainted, establish relationships and trust, and also to introduce our company and the range of solutions we offer. The insights gained from these visits enable us to tailor our equipment to fit the production needs of the facility. Following a preliminary evaluation of the work scope, we discuss project specifics and initial cost estimates with the customer.


Concept and Budget Valuation

The design of a robotic workstation and its concept begins during the budgetary estimation stage. Each project is assigned a team of engineers, including a designer, automation specialist, robotic specialist, and electrician. Together, they develop the workstation's operation and define the entire process. Following this, a 2D concept of the workstation is created, tailored to the layout of the customer's facility and the input data provided by the customer. Only after the concept has been discussed and approved by the customer we move on to the proposal preparation stage.



We understand that without a detailed analysis, it is impossible to present a reliable solution, which is why we put a lot of effort into ensuring that this stage provides answers to all the necessary questions. The team involved in the project from the beginning prepares a proposal based on an in-depth analysis of the process and suggestions from our customers, paying special attention to areas that can be further optimized. Each offer is built upon:

  • Computer simulations, ensuring the client that we meet performance, range, and weight requirements of the product. The simulation also provides information on the estimated lifespan of the robot's axis, which in turn reaffirms that both the chosen manipulator and its placement have been thoroughly thought through by our engineers. Additionally, the client is informed that costly repairs will not be needed in the coming years.
  • Tests in our showroom aimed at verifying the operation of individual elements of the process, including: in custom solutions, we confirm product handling concepts by building a prototype gripper. For the most demanding customers of our workstations, we prepare tests and demonstrations with their products on our robots.
  • Trusted suppliers offering top-quality equipment. In our applications, we use components from leading and proven suppliers such as Fanuc, Siemens, Pilz, Sick, Festo, Schmalz, etc.
  • An award-winning robotics team in numerous competitions. We are proud to boast that our team, among other achievements, took 1st place at RoboChallenge 2022, 2nd place at RoboChallenge 2023 in the Integrators category, and 3rd place at WorldSkills International 2022.


Each project is preceded by an on-site inspection by our engineers, during which installation site measurements are taken. Implementation proceeds according to a project schedule accessible to the client at all stages. Progress is regularly discussed with the client, ensuring full control and knowledge about the project's advancement.

We undertake projects of various scales, embracing complex, large-scale solutions without hesitation, but we are also keen on smaller assignments. Small projects are managed by a team selected in the initial phase, ensuring consistent oversight from start to finish. Large projects, however, see team expansion as the project progresses, with engineers assigned to specific tasks. The entire project is coordinated and supervised by a designated project engineer. Throughout the project, inter-departmental collaboration guarantees that all mechanical, electrical, and automation aspects are considered.

  • Our workstations are designed and programmed using the latest software versions, maximizing the potential of the components used. Alongside the design work, a comprehensive risk assessment is developed in collaboration with the Military University of Technology's scientific staff.
  • After completing the design phase and creating a full model of the workstation, we move to the production of detailed design, assembly, and installation documentation. The next step involves creating material lists for ordering components from suppliers.
  • The final task of the design department is to supervise the assembly of workstation modules and the installation of the entire solution.

Our workstations come with complete technical documentation, compliant with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), including crucial information about the device, such as its characteristics, user manual, operating instructions, maintenance guide, drawings, hydraulic, kinematic, pneumatic, or electrical schematics, as well as a complete list of equipment, spare and replacement parts inventory, safety instructions, and maintenance standards. This information is vital for the safe operation of the machine and offers several benefits, including:

  • Extending equipment life while minimizing the risk of malfunctions during operation by adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines,
  • Reducing the risk of workplace accidents through clear safety requirements,
  • Shortening the training period for new operators with comprehensive user and operation manuals,
  • Simplifying maintenance with easy access to instructions and required tools lists,
  • Clearly defining the functions of each component through intuitive spare parts listings and schematics.

Installation of stations

A specialized team of engineers and high-quality equipment allows us to quickly adapt the workstation at the customer's premises. We put a lot of effort and dedication into ensuring that the installation of the finished solution goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. We have rich experience in cooperation with production facilities in many industries. Our commitment and years of experience in working with industrial plants result in the rapid and efficient implementation of projects, allowing customers to enjoy innovative solutions on their production lines as quickly as possible.


After-sales Service + 24h/7 SERVICE

The safety of robotic workstations is ensured by a specialized team of 22 service engineers who provide assistance through the HelpDesk for 24 hours a day. Because we understand that maintaining the continuity of the production process is crucial, we offer express service throughout Poland and beyond. We guarantee professional support for application deployment and the execution of necessary periodic inspections.

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