Increasing Worker Safety with Industrial Robots

April 22, 2024

Working in industry involves numerous hazards associated with various technological processes, internal transport, and storage. However, ensuring a high level of safety for employees in such companies is becoming increasingly easier. This is due to the revolution brought about by the proliferation of robotics, which relieves people from performing the heaviest and most repetitive tasks (such as palletizing and depalletizing). In this article, we explain why the implementation of industrial automation translates into reduced work risk. We also provide guidelines on the procedures needed to protect people working in the immediate vicinity of such machines – check out the tips from Hitmark experts!

Why Robotics Increases Workplace Safety in Industrial Settings

This applies to all industrial plants, regardless of the industry they operate in. Employee safety remains a top priority. Companies must adhere to strict health and safety regulations and implement work principles that minimize the risk of accidents. This is one of the reasons why more and more entrepreneurs recognize the benefits of automating production processes. Implementing robotics not only enhances the efficiency of the enterprise but also significantly increases the protection of its employees.

Machines relieve humans from performing the heaviest tasks, with palletizing and depalletizing being prime examples. Additionally, they minimize the necessity for workers to be in close proximity to the machines during operation, as once programmed, they operate fully independently. As a result, the significant safety provided by robotics is a key aspect advocating for the implementation of this technology.

Automation in Industry Protects Workers' Health and Lives

Handling heavy goods, manipulating them, or performing various monotonous tasks in a sitting position can negatively impact workers' health. Prolonged performance of such physical activities can lead to:

  • Spine injuries,
  • Muscle injuries,
  • Joint degeneration,
  • Other ailments requiring long-term recovery.
    Engaging robotics for these tasks thus enhances employee safety by protecting their health. It also reduces the risk of very serious workplace accidents that can even be life-threatening. Furthermore, it lowers the employer’s costs associated with the long absences of some employees who, due to difficult working conditions, need treatment or rehabilitation.

Robotics in Industry: Both Safety and Higher Work Efficiency

When discussing robotics and worker safety in industrial settings, it’s worth mentioning an additional benefit of implementing this technology. Modern robots are characterized by:

  • Extremely high precision,
  • Great functionality – they can be programmed to perform various types of tasks, including very complex manual ones,
  • The ability to perform repetitive tasks with an extremely low risk of error.
    Moreover, machines work faster than humans, which, combined with the above features, increases the efficiency of many processes in industrial settings. Robotics can effectively replace humans in tasks such as palletizing, depalletizing, or operating CNC injection molding machines. This allows employees to be delegated to more ambitious tasks that require higher qualifications and are simultaneously safer.

Robotics Implementation Should Be Accompanied by Employee Training

Modern robotic solutions come with advanced safety features, including sensitive sensors and vision devices. While highly effective, it is absolutely inadvisable to rely solely on them and trust the capabilities of robotics blindly. The risk of accidents always exists, particularly for those working in close proximity to these machines.
Therefore, after implementing these technologies in a company, it is crucial to conduct regular safety training for employees. It is also essential to update work procedures accordingly and then strictly control their adherence.

Choose Robotics in Industry and Enhance Worker Safety – Opt for Solutions from Hitmark!

By eliminating the need for heavy physical labor, robotics becomes a key tool in creating a comfortable work environment in industrial plants. It improves employee safety, increases production efficiency, and boosts the company’s competitiveness. If you are interested in automating processes such as palletizing, depalletizing, or CNC injection molding machine operations, contact our company, Hitmark. We specialize in designing and implementing modern, perfectly tailored robotic workstations to meet your needs!


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